My thoughts on the Trump-wikleaks dilemma. via /r/WikiLeaks

My thoughts on the Trump-wikleaks dilemma.

Trump is in the ultimate shitty situation. Now that he can be directly quoted saying "hed be OK" with his administration going after Assange/wikileaks everything has changed. I think he should have told his administration that he respects their positions but strategically he cant go after wikileaks. His continued silence would have even been a better option but now everything has changed and there is no going back. There are no scenarios left(imo) that turn out positive for Trump or conservatism as a whole.

Scenario 1) Refusing to go after Assange shows your CIA and other intelligence agencies that youre OK with Assange continuing to destroy the capability and credibility of the CIA FBI NSA etc. It also is a slap in the face to the Military members of your cabinet who believe(rightfully) that Assange represents a threat to the soldiers and overall strength of the military. These generals/soldiers will see non-response as direct disrespect to the military and its personnel.

Scenario 2) Trump backs his administrations efforts to prosecute Assange(as he already has) and risk losing and alienating such a large % of his voters that the conservative movement(which was almost gaurunteed 10+ years of government control) could be dead by 2020 and the future of demographics and liberal policies will ensure that conservatism will never regain control if they dont make a critical error like running another Hillary fucking Clinton.

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