New York Times is 100% wrong about bitcoin transactions in Macron leaks and here’s the proof. via /r/WikiLeaks

New York Times is 100% wrong about bitcoin transactions in Macron leaks and here’s the proof.

So I read today that an expert proved there were fakes in the Macron e-mails so I looked into it… NYT is 100% provably false. They need to retract this.

From the NYT article:

But Henk Van Ess, a member of the investigations team at Bellingcat, a British investigations organization, and others discovered that the transaction numbers in the receipt were not in the public ledger of all Bitcoin transactions. Source

Once one outlet publishes fake news, it spreads quickly to others. Here it is in ars technica:

Multiple documents were proven to be forgeries, including one which appeared to be an invoice for a Bitcoin payment for mephedrone ("bath salts") to be sent to the French National Assembly. The Bitcoin wallet and blockchain transaction data was easily determined to be fake. source

It appears they're citing this tweet.

I don't know who Henk Van Ess is but he's just plain wrong. I actually don't even know wtf that screenshot is supposed to be of… (I think bitshares or something?)

Now the proof:

Alain Tourret e-mail #1690:

Here's the bitcoin transaction.

Alain Tourret e-mail #2714:

Again, here's the transaction.

And last but certainly not least, Alain Tourret e-mail 3618.

Here's the transaction.

This proves beyond any reasonable doubt that these bitcoin transactions are real and "are in the public ledger of all Bitcoin transactions".

It also proves that Henk has no idea WTF he is talking about.

It also proves that NYT and Ars Technica (and probably some other publications I missed) just regurgitate this bullshit as fact.

This is literally fake news at this point.

Now, I've posted elsewhere that I think the transaction from e-mail 3618 is very unusual and warrants closer examination. But no, NYT, these bitcoin transactions are very much real and what you published is 100% fake.

They need to retract this misinformation.

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One thought on “New York Times is 100% wrong about bitcoin transactions in Macron leaks and here’s the proof. via /r/WikiLeaks

  1. ʜᴇɴᴋ ᴠᴀɴ ᴇss (@henkvaness)

    from editor of NYT

    They didn’t quote me correctly. F.e. block chain 1BrRnkcr1MXJQQLhJRLuEcj6VGaXgfKRyF exists and is referred to in the leaked document, but the block number is not in the same leaked message.

    In one analysis of the leaked messages, the Bitcoin block chain is too high, and could not be found. Another reading of the Bitcoin number shows a Bitcoin number in the ledger that does exist but shows no corresponding transactions. Mr. Van Ess clarified as much in his interview, but unfortunately his quote was condensed to only elaborate on the first explanation.

    In other words, the transactions may exist but not the block. i.e. We can prove that they used a dollar bill. We can prove that people pay with dollars. But we can’t prove that this specific bill was used for this specific transaction.



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