I believe via /r/WikiLeaks

I believe

That this is the time to really push the Seth Rich thing… This thing has steam, and the powers that be are doing what they can to control the narrative. We need to do something to show support for the detective who is probably being attacked right now for his investigation, someone needs to get a real statement from the family and not that piece of shit Bauman.

Seriously what else can we do? Now is the time to press and not let up. As someone that has sort of stepped away from following wikileaks in the past few months I woke up to see the headlines and it's obvious that they are scrambling to seize control here.

A kid was murdered for exposing the truth, he deserves justice and the world deserves to know what is happening. This Russia narrative cannot continue and whether you're a trump supporter or not we can all agree that the truth is the only thing that matters here.

Submitted May 16, 2017 at 10:13AM by Almighty061583
via reddit http://bit.ly/2rcJpPn


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