Anyone else feel like the Seth Rich stuff is being hijacked by the right wing morons? via /r/WikiLeaks

Anyone else feel like the Seth Rich stuff is being hijacked by the right wing morons?

Sorry if I offended you. Less than 30% of the USA identifies as conservative/GOP. And less then 30% of our population identify as democrats.

Most people think both of you motherfuckers are morons. I'm an independent, and during the nomination I started looking into wikileaks because I absolutely hated Hillary. She represented no cahnge, and many in my generation desperately need massive change, as we are witnessing a decline in the quality of life of the average american.

So I followed Wikileaks, because I believed in Bernie. His nomination was stolen, the DNC was corrupt, the polling locations, the switched registrations, the collusion with the media, Donna Brazile, Debbie Fuckhead Shwartz, etc etc etc. Julian promised he could take out Hillary, and I was so hopeful.

Seth Rich, yeah, I remember it. Super shady situation. DNC had motive if had found out something he wasn't supposed to see. Ultra shady.

But now, today, /the donald is just going bonkers and basically using his name as a battle cry. It's fucked up. Wikileaks was never about Trump winning, wikileaks and seth rich were about exposing corruption, and frankly, Trump is just as corrupt as all these other assholes. Value truth, not political parties, question everything the media says, and don't associate Seth Rich with the retarded right.

Submitted May 16, 2017 at 09:51PM by ScottWalkerSucks
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