Live stream and Updates: Press conference by Swedish prosecutors – Case against Assange dropped! via /r/WikiLeaks

Live stream and Updates: Press conference by Swedish prosecutors – Case against Assange dropped!

Live stream outside Ecuadorian embassy in London (LIVE NOW)

No sign of Assange yet.

Press conference live stream (Now Over)

More info about the press conference.


Press Conference Updates:

  • Prosecutors arriving now
  • Introducing Marianne Ny and Ingrid Isgren
  • Starting with statements and then Q&A
  • Ny: Decided to recall EU arrest warrant on Assange
  • Ny: Discontinuing investigation
  • Ny: Giving overview of initial investigation
  • Ny: After Assange turned himself in in London, court had decided to transfer Assange to Sweden, Assange appealed and lost in 2012
  • Ny: Then Assange entered Ecuadorian embassy 5 years ago
  • Ny: Transfer to Sweden can't be executed in the foreseeable future
  • Ny: In 2015 started process to have interview with Assange in embassy, Ingrid interview with Assange on Nov 2016
  • Ny: Account of interview arrived in Sweden January 2017, translations months later
  • Ny: No further steps to be taken, Assange would need to be served formal documents of charges
  • Ny: Preliminary investigation is closed.
  • Ny: If Assange goes to Sweden before statute of limitations expires in August 2020, investigation could be started again.
  • – Q&A SECTION –
  • Ny: Journalists can go anywhere to ask questions, prosecutors have to ask countries permission. When received permission from Ecuador, conducted interview with Assange, back and forth translations from English to Spanish to Swedish.
  • Question: Ecuador didn't allow you to serve Assange?
  • Ny: Can't in embassy, could in Sweden
  • Question: Can you clarify reasons for dropping investigation?
  • Ny: Can't continue because of process, not because of guilty/not guilty decision.
  • Question: Isn't message being sent that obstructing works?
  • Ny: Have attempted to conduct investigation in same matter as other sexual offenses, have used all legal means at disposal, court has examined legality of measures taken, at point where can't continue.
  • Question: Can you assign blame to what has taken so long?
  • Ny: Do not want to assign blame to any person, reason is because Assange has stayed away from prosecution for so long.
  • Question: How do you feel as prosecutor not being able to make things happen, how do you feel about women involved?
  • Ny: Unfortunate not possible to conduct investigation in normal manner, time and attention are factors, difficult for those affected but used all means at disposal to conduct satisfactory investigation.
  • Question: Any reason for you to be critical to yourself for not being able to continue?
  • Ny: Can't sum up efforts besides saying we did what was possible, this case will be subjected to scrutiny.
  • Question: Was cost a factor in stopping investigation?
  • Ny: Cost was not a circumstance for closing prelim investigation, we do not consider cost very much.
  • Question: What lessons can you learn for similar cases in the future?
  • Ny: Case is completely unique because suspect took refuge in embassy of foreign country
  • Question: Shouldn't have you interviewed Assange years ago through other means?
  • Ny: Often use legal assistance when interviewing, can only use alternate interview methods for minor offenses, quality of interview would be lower than required for this case
  • Question: What implications did American pressure have on this case?
  • Ny: There was nothing of that kind whatsoever, and decision taken today has nothing to do with actions take by US.
  • Question: Reaction to Assange lawyer saying this is a total victory?
  • Ny: Possible he hasn't had time to read entire decision, and that is his assessment and up to them.
  • Press conference has ended.

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