Suppression of evidence in Seth Rich investigation via /r/WikiLeaks

Suppression of evidence in Seth Rich investigation

I've got a challenge for anyone who wants to argue the Seth Rich investigation is nothing.

It's true that there still isn't definitive, bulletproof evidence. And that's actually part of the problem.

  • We don't know what's on Rich's computer. But WHY don't we know? Why was a computer confiscated in response to a botched robbery in the street? Why was the PI working for the family unable to access this computer, even 10 months after the murder when surely they'd have done anything they were going to do with it by now? Why has absolutely zero information been released about that computer, except an unverifiable anonymous claim?
  • ALL the reporting says that Seth Rich was alive and talkative when the cops found him shot. And yet we haven't been told a single word about what he told them at that time. Why the hell is that? Unless he was delirious, which was not reported, wouldn't he most likely have told them in his own words exactly what happened?
  • There should be video footage from a number of surveillance cameras and police body cameras. Some surveillance footage has been vaguely described in the press. But not a single image, let alone video, associated with the murder has been released to the public. Why? Where is it?

With a high-profile murder unsolved for 10 months, and no suspects or substantive leads identified, you would think that they would have released whatever information they could that might help them find Rich's killer. Any image of the killer or killers, however grainy — any information from the victim himself, however vague — could be seen or heard by the right member of the public to give them a lead. (Although the chances of people remembering enough to help solve the case become slimmer and slimmer as the months go on.) And the reason the computer is involved at all is pretty puzzling, outside the context of a deliberate cover-up — never mind the computer apparently being buried under bureaucracy.

Yes, evidence is still lacking. (Although Rich being a big Bernie supporter and his old DNC mentor mocking him posthumously are some very interesting developments.) But partly, it seems that that's because evidence is being deliberately withheld, for some reason. Can anyone explain the complete lack of any information from these three sources — the computer, video footage, and Rich's own words before he died — in any context besides deliberate withholding as part of a cover-up? Because I am sincerely stumped.

Submitted May 19, 2017 at 04:38PM by dancing-turtle
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