ANON and the Suppressor Lead – Seth Rich via /r/WikiLeaks

ANON and the Suppressor Lead – Seth Rich

Various subreddits are investigating the suppressor lead based on anonymous information they are receiving. I made a belated post on one thread but I was too late and they had moved on. Rather than discuss technical aspects of a suppressor, I wanted to stimulate potentials to identify if persons of interest may have a documented or undocumented suppressor. Any thoughts for this approach? (I.e., data run of local SEIU members vs documented silencers, or discussing online how to build a silencer, etc)

Here's my post for thread above:

Long shot – Someone blogged these gun lawyers about purchasing a silencer from a private party without FFL. The timing and region may be about right. I don't see the originating blog but here's the link: (announcing nationwide advanced deployment of kiosks for the SilencerShop ahead of new Obama rule eff July 13, 2016)

ArsenalAttorneys are largest provider of gun legal services nationwide according to their claim. Maybe silencer was bought/transferred legally with papers by someone in the interest pool and used/loaned for the hit on Seth.

We can hope killers were sloppy with details…could a kiosk have taken the photo and prints of the killer or did they use the services of ArsenalAttorneys?

Submitted May 27, 2017 at 11:11PM by MacPepper
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