Just watched ‘We Steal Secrets’ on ABC (Australia) via /r/WikiLeaks

Just watched ‘We Steal Secrets’ on ABC (Australia)

I've been a supporter of what Wikileaks do for a good while, but watching this video I have a stronger belief. What Julian Assange and all the WL staff are doing is incredibly important. People and the critics spend far too much time focusing on the personal vulnerabilities and weaknesses of Assange.

He is one man, and as with all of us he made mistakes. The problems I'm Sweden have now been resolved, hopefully all involved can now move on, especially those who never coveted public life (the women involved deserve their privacy). Hopefully the world can go forward and the larger populace start believing that ALL people should have the right to expect governmental transparency whilst enjoying personal privacy. Assange took a stand towards this. He personality is not to everyone's taste. So be it.

Everyone involved in publishing these leaks from the leakers to the researchers to the regular journalists and the those in the background are all heroes. If you try and introduce someone to these things, try and get them to look past the personality to the truth behind them.

I hope people globally have the courage to demand better of their governments. I rarely say anything, this just seemed like the right moment.

On a lighter note, I have a huge crush on Sam Harrison.

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