Project Monarch Exposed From a Former Handler. via /r/WikiLeaks

Project Monarch Exposed From a Former Handler.

There is a lot of techniques of brainwashing being used that are done very covertly. I used to be someone who used Brainwashing, Behavioral Engineering, and Mind Control. A lot of it has to do with learning what the needs are of people and by knowing those needs, you also be default knew the fears that drive those specific needs and therefore also there weaknesses. We all have 7 basic core needs but what I am talking about is those with the extremes for their needs.

One of the ways I would learn of someone's needs was through the use of more advanced Body Language, Micro Expressions, and obviously by what by what came out of their mouths. Let's say a person's need in the extreme was Approval. I would also know of course the fear driving this need is Dissent. You see by validating a person's needs they in turn open up to us, therefore dropping their guard down. Obviously when their guard is down it's easier to exploit them.

For that we use techniques such as N.L.P. (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Covert Hypnosis, and other more unknown techniques. People are pretty much in a light trance and are in Auto Pilot as they go through life. It's like driving a car to point A, to point B. When you get to point B you know you got there, you are safe but you cannot recall every turn you took or all the stops you made.

There are techniques that are used to "Shock" someone out of this state. There are ways to, to "anchor" specific feelings or Associate specific feelings. We can then through either a specific cue word or touch elicit those feelings in that person. There are also ways in which to cause someone to disassociate as well. It is during these periods we can implant our own suggestions and do it in such a way the person believes the thought or idea was there own.

We live under the false security that out brains are impenetrable, and because of this we are more vulnerable to Mind Control methods, and Brain Washing. If you have studied MK Ultra, or Project Monarch you too know that it is a reality of creating Alter Personalities in people. That is a bit more advanced and something I won't really go into. I will say one way is through Hypnosis, introduce them to their "Inner Self" having them give the Inner Self a name, and so on. Also by the mere suggestion that they have a Alter in them is also strong enough. Then there are ways in which to create amnesia and have them disassociate from their Alters.

My identity is not even what is important. Who I was and who I am now are what is different. A lot of what I did I can't go into but I will say Trauma Based Mind Control was probably the worst that I did. I once did very horrible things to people so as to have them disassociate from themselves. I did have my limits though as I never mistreated kids as some handlers did. There were some that started on those who were just babies. They would put their fingers in Mouse Traps, and other such cruel things and would not comfort the child until they learned to disassociate and not cry from the pain.

It is here when the splitting of personalities would occur as a means of survival. When things are so horrific our minds seek escape and one way is to create these alters. Natural, and Suggested Amnesia occurs so that the personalities don't know of the others existence. I'm sure you know of Michael Aquino and his work on this subject. He was a very evil guy. That is something I know but how I know I won't go into.

The creation of alters in Older people is a bit trickier. The use of sedatives are often used like Ativan, Xanax and other benzodiazepines. After applying those we could induce trance states much easier, then through positive and negative reinforcements we could really get the behaviors we wanted. So yes it goes way beyond N.L.P., P.U.A. even Hypnosis. All I can do is speak of what I personally know of.

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