Lorain county ohio corruption via /r/WikiLeaks

Lorain county ohio corruption

My name is jacob alameeri. On dec.30 2015 i was served a restraining order by the lorain county sherigfs departmenr at my house that i had lived in for 12 years with my 4 children and girlfriend ( jaclyn hupp )of 21 years.

lorain county sheriff has been called to my house in which i never was arrested .some of my girlfriends family work for the same department.they advised her to just go and talk to a lawyer to get me out the house.and make up a lie .as they could not because i had never broken any law . So they could not take me from our house.

All police reports associated with this is well documented.i had to call the supervisor of the lorain county sheriff department  in 1 incident  to explain that a officer told me i could goto jail for smoking a cigarette in my own house.

On the 10 day we had to goto court jaclyn hupp never showed up to court and a month later she did not show up until a hour after our hearing had started. jaclyn hupp lawyer dave berta is a former judge in the same court .so the magistrate ben davey ( who was running for family court judge at the time) took it upon himself to say and i quote" she can just come back and get another restraining order". And this is 2 months after the 10 days you are suppose to show up from the date of the order hearing. In the state of ohio there are time limits in which a judge ,etc.. are suppose to follow law. Im not a lawyer but it is online for anyone to read.

My 18 year old daughter which never signed a restraining order and never asked to be put on it ,was also illegally put on the order by the judge.

Now its 2017 and i just returned from over seas and i just found out in may ,which my attorney gerald smith,advised me they had made another ruleing in febuary 2017 ,which they never told us about ,to extend the order.i have been outside of the united states since january 2017.

This life experience is more than just about illegal actions,corruption,lies,race ,violations of rights etc…..i have so much more to these illegal actions. I am a U.S citizen i thought the purpose of law was to protect and serve not dictate people lifes.

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