Crazy conspiracy theory ? via /r/WikiLeaks

Crazy conspiracy theory ?

Are any of them crazy anymore ? I am wondering if Wikileaks "sat on" the vault 7 release. Did Snowden bring them ? This would explain the rabid pursuit of JA. I think the Awan brother scandal broke it. Pakastani ISI has everything, and who knows who else. FBI Anon said Hillary had "special access programs" on her server that there is no reason (other than treason) for them to be there, and could lead other nations to seek war. Now no need for Wikileaks to "sit on" it anymore. Might as well make it public, so the victims can write patches. Sweden coincidentally drops investigation at same time. We all thought Snowden was trying to stop a possible future, I think it was already here.

Am I crazy ?

Submitted June 05, 2017 at 12:23AM by Bulldog65
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