Did the CIA kill Seth Rich? via /r/WikiLeaks

Did the CIA kill Seth Rich?

If Wikileaks is seen by the CIA as a 'hostile intelligence service', and Seth allegedly​ gave political data to that service, Wouldn't that make him a hostile agent in CIA eyes?

And as such wouldn't he be then a viable target?

That could account to all the reports about the DC police cover up.

Also, myself and I think most of r/wikileaks, see the muh Russia as a Counter fake story to the real story of Seth Rich, right? Meaning it's one or the other…

But what if, in the eyes of the CIA, it's not either or – it's one story. Meaning Seth helped wikileaks, which is an arm of Russia, a hostile intelligence service.

Also if you heard​ Comey he stated Russia investigation is focused to determine wether any American colluded with Russia. May that be referring Rich?

In that case Seth IS in their eyes – muh Russia. Not two nerratives but one.

Submitted June 09, 2017 at 06:03PM by Flechetta03
via reddit http://bit.ly/2rfhrOU


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