Beware AI (artificial intelligence) is part of a larger plan and is far more dangerous than Julian realizes. via /r/WikiLeaks

Beware AI (artificial intelligence) is part of a larger plan and is far more dangerous than Julian realizes.

What Wikileaks does is critical to our understanding of current events and affairs. Publishing raw materials and allowing people to discern and analyze the data. Regarding the situation in the US, it is more complex than most people realize. In order to more fully understand what is happening currently, we need context, and historical data.

America was targeted by private bankers back in the 1900s, which resulted in the creation of the "FED": aka the Federal Reserve. This private international ponzi scheme then proceeded to steel gold from Americans and other countries all over the world. Today they steel life, property, liberty, freedom, oil, and any goods they can get in exchange for their funny money known as the "US dollar." This "US dollar" is not "American" by definition, and it was later married to oil. This is important to note because all wars after the "FED" were wars for profit. So long as private central banks exist, profiteering from wars will continue. This must be banned and we must work quickly to nationalize all central banks world wide. As well as to diversify into Crypto-Currency.

Adding insult to injury, the US was infiltrated by Nazis in the 1940s at the highest levels of military and intelligence. (see Operation Paperclip) The Nazis were already using trauma based mind control against children in the 1930s. The Nazis also went underground in the US and already had a base established in Antarctica back in the 1940s. They had perfected the "Nazi Bell" craft back in 1947, when they flew over Washington DC and one was shot down at Roswell. This is an unpopular opinion in the UFO community, but I have direct evidence that what I say is true.

I also have direct evidence that today they can erase memory, implant fake memories, and that whole entire nuclear families can be either totally controlled in a public setting (like politicians) or in private settings. With cloning and nano technology at their disposal, in addition to chips and remote control capabilities, we are dealing with people who are being used and abused as if they were robots. I can assure you none of these people are willing. They are the new modern slave. This is an important note because before people willingly sign up to transform themselves into robots that can live forever, this stuff was perfected on human beings that did not sign up and many of whom died horribly as this stuff was tested and perfected over the decades. The illegal experimentation on unwitting human beings is a crime against humanity and must also be banned.

Unacknowledged special access projects are illegal and have been ongoing in America for more than 70 years. With no oversight. They have been planning for a "Cosmic False Flag" and this hoax has been ongoing for 60 years. (see "Cosmic False Flag" and "Unacknowledged.")

I cannot confirm nor deny that presidents and their families are cloned at Camp David. (since 1998)

Julian, if you are reading this, we have the solution to this problem. Open source everything. Open source government. Open source code. (thank you Linux) Open source intelligence. (thank you Wikileaks) Open source engineering. Open source education. Open source research and development. The only thing that cannot be open sourced is investigations. (at least not entirely)

My credentials are I was born in custody and I busted out of the highest maximum security underground secret facility known to man when I was 5 years old. (Groom Lake aka Area 51 in the US- see "Firestarter") I am one of many kids who made certain you, Julian, would have the internet. Love you brother! Keep doing great work, we got your back. Free the internet, free humanity. Free Julian Assange! Free all political prisoners. And ban war. We are working tirelessly to get you released into a safer world. (Julian and everyone else falsely/illegally imprisoned)

Submitted June 13, 2017 at 03:30PM by Venus001
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