Why Are We Letting Globalists Control Our Elections? via /r/WikiLeaks

Why Are We Letting Globalists Control Our Elections?

My apology for the "wall of text," but everything is here for a reason. The globalists have their own election technology, and it's rapidly being adopted by the states. The following summarizes a long-term strategic plan involving federal and state legislation; developing, marketing, and implementing new voting technology; and a “maze” of organizations and individuals who basically created an election monopoly. It was genius in that no single aspect would arouse suspicion.

Due to problems with registration changes in other states during the primary, I wanted to verify mine. In the process, I saw an article about my state getting the Electronic Registration Information System (ERIC) at no cost through a grant from Pew Charitable Trust. Intrigued, I searched further and learned that Tamera Luzzatto, Senior VP at Pew, was Sen. Clinton's COS and had also served as COS for David Rockefeller, a position she obtained on the recommendation of John Podesta. Luzzatto's husband, David Leiter, is a lobbyist with ML Strategies in DC and a former Bill Clinton appointee to the Dept. of Energy. http://bit.ly/2s9jEvo and http://nyti.ms/2sE1KEB

The evidence indicates that the plan was underway as early as 2009 when Schumer introduced the MOVE Act that allowed new voting technology to serve military voters overseas. A month later, Joe Goldman (future President, Democracy Fund,) presented “Strengthening Our Nation’s Democracy.” The plan? “Support and promote a comprehensive electoral reform agenda through both executive action (executive orders, agency coordination and Department of Justice enforcement) and active support for federal electoral reform legislation.” http://bit.ly/2s8SLYw https://www.eac.gov/

In October of 2009, VSSC/Project 1622, a private work group established to develop new voting technologies, had its first meeting. Their primary goal was to create a common-data-format for electronic generation of blank ballots. http://bit.ly/2sDRPij

In 2011, Pierre Omidyar www.omidyargroup.com created Democracy Fund (DF) http://bit.ly/2sE09Pp The site says, “The Democracy Fund DOES NOT (their emphasis) accept unsolicited proposals. We proactively seek new grants based on strategic priorities and typically identify new grantee partners from within our network of allies and contacts. We work closely with grantee partners to help them achieve their goals.” From the date of its inception to late 2016, every DF grantee had a supporting role in getting the new voting technology implemented. http://bit.ly/2s8RNvC

Another Omidyar not-for-profit, Democracy Fund Voice (DFV) http://bit.ly/2sE09Pp states it will, among other things, work to appoint three EAC commissioners needed to reactivate the EAC's Standards Board, responsible for approving new voting standards. (The EAC SB was inactivated in late 2011 because the EAC was down three commissioners.)

DF’s primary grantee was Pew’s Election Initiatives program. Election Initiatives developed a voter registration database, ERIC, which was released in 2012. ERIC contains not only registered voters, but also those eligible but not registered. It also utilizes DMV and other social service records. It is inter-operable, and member states are required to submit required information to the ERIC administrators who update the records. ERIC has access to the SSA Death Index and was marketed to Republicans as a way to clean up voter rolls. Interestingly, ERIC states had some of the highest numbers of deceased voters. This would be understandable if the state recently implemented ERIC, but many of them had been ERIC members for several years. ERIC has 21 member states. http://bit.ly/2sDT6WT

David Becker, Director of Pew's Election Initiatives, marketed ERIC. Marketing efforts commonly included participation by NCSL and other open-/civil society-funded groups. Incumbents who supported state legislation for ERIC or SOS with purchase authorization had notable increases in campaign contributions, particular from out-of-state.

Pew also partnered with Google on the Voting Information Project, led by Amy Cohen. Obviously, this partnership allowed an entirely new level of targeting voters and predicting voter behavior. http://bit.ly/2s913zy

In June of 2012, HRC had a one-hour closed-press/off-the-record meeting with the Pew Foundation Board of Directors. http://bit.ly/2sDTxjP I have no idea if this was related to the Election Initiatives projects, but I include it because of the timing, and it is Clinton's only meeting with Pew found in the Wikileaks releases.

In 2013, based on requests from various organizations (all funded by DF,) Obama signed an executive order creating the Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA.) Most of the PCEA members were connected to Pew or and/or to entities receiving grants from DF. http://bit.ly/2s9huMp (Support the Voter is a DF organization.) In 2014, the PCEA released its final recommendations, identical to Goldman’s recommendations from 2009. http://bit.ly/2sE0a5V

In 2014, upon advice from the "stacked" PCEA, Obama appointed three EAC commissioners, all having ties to DF grantees. https://www.eac.gov/ The EAC certified a new testing lab, Pro V&V, run by Jack Cobb, and that lab was selected to test Project 1622's technology. Project 1622 passed Pro V&V's testing. (Incidentally, all current voting technology is being tested by Pro V&V according to information on the FEC website.) The EAC Standards Board was reactivated and immediately approved Project 1622. Although the timing of the EAC SB inactivation and reactivation may have been unintentional, the circumstances may have prevented other companies from providing new technology and/or provided time so that the "right" EAC members would be installed. http://bit.ly/2s8Z2nl

In late 2015, Pew amped-up its ERIC marketing. Pew began offering grants to states joining ERIC by May 31. Pew also gave states funding to cover mailing costs of registration postcards. States joined ERIC as late as July of 2016. In August of 2016, Becker and Cohen departed Pew, because Pew was “winding down” it’s election programs. Given Pew's dedication to the election process since 2011, as well as the recent joins of states that might require assistance, Pew's decision is questionable. Within a month. Becker and Cohen formed the Center for Election Innovation & Research, described as “partnering with election professionals and government officials.” The Center for Election Innovation is connected to ITIF, another Omidyar-funded organization. http://bit.ly/2sDRPyP and http://bit.ly/2s95hHt

On August 12, 2016, Ohio's (which joined ERIC only a few weeks earlier) SOS announces Ohio may be "testing" Random Ballot Marking Systems (RBMS) in the election. http://bit.ly/2sDZg9c That proves RBMS was operable – probably in at least all of the ERIC states. RMBS was developed by Civic Designs, another DF grantee. http://bit.ly/2s8NcJQ

On September 13, 2016, Becker testified before the House Committee on Science, Space &Technology about “Protecting the 2016 Elections from Cyber and Voting Machine Attacks.” http://bit.ly/2sDCNJy

In a meeting on September 15, 2016, John Wack, NIST, presents "Interoperability Update." http://bit.ly/2s95bzJ

At the same meeting, Matt Boehmer, FVAP, notes that 37 states have a provision that allows certain “never resided” voters to vote based on their parents’ last residence in the U.S. He assures attendees that FVAP is looking into this topic and will share additional research and any recommendationshttps://http://bit.ly/2sEjjVd

On September 27, 2016, the NCSL publishes "Electronic Transmission of Ballots States." http://bit.ly/2s8RMI4

A few weeks before the election, EAC Commissioners Thomas Hicks, Matthew Masterson, and Christy McCormick, provide this uncannily prophetic Washington Post Op ed. http://wapo.st/2sDFyKO

It should be noted that the national coordinator of Vote By Mail (VBM,) Tammy Patrick, has ties to Pew, the PCEA, Bipartisan Policy Institute (a DFgrantee,) and Project1622. The USPS link for election mail resources led to Election Center, another DF grantee. http://bit.ly/2s9sqd2 and http://bit.ly/2sEe0Fq The Director of Election Center, Tim Mattice, was a Project1622 and TGDC member.

When I started researching this in February of 2016, I thought it was done to guarantee a Clinton win. Yes, they wanted her in, but, more importantly, they wanted their technology in – a feat nearly impossible to do from the "outside." They knew the Clinton machine had the necessary knowledge and influence, and they used it. They essentially control all elections going forward, and despite their "democracy" rhetoric, their goal is to destroy our national sovereignty and remove our individual freedoms. They want one-world governance and control of all resources. Thanks to the Open Government Partnership (OGP,) created by Obama and funded by Soros and Omidyar, they are well on their way. http://bit.ly/2s966A6

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