Julian Assange’s story on Twitter about censorship double standards, death threats and modern liberals: via /r/WikiLeaks

Julian Assange’s story on Twitter about censorship double standards, death threats and modern liberals:

Story is available on his twitter account https://twitter.com/JulianAssange I copied all story with links to make it easy readable for reddit.

Hello snowflakes. I will do a small tour of some censorship double standards that I have a deep personal experience of, namely threats to kill. I don't think people should threaten to kill others, but I don't think companies should be in the game of determining what is a threat and what is not because any such system will be played by those with greater access to the internals of the system. This is clearly the case with Twitter and other mediums where biases about how close to the in-group that runs the censorship system the complainer is and their relative social standing of the complainant.. This is true of all justice systems which is why except for the greatest extremes we should avoid them because they are inevitably bringers of intense injustice to the most excluded or marginalized i.e those people who need justice the most are the least likely to get it. This is why Twitter et al should get out of the justice game and let users chose how to interact with others without adjudication. Now for some examples of the reality I live with every day. I would like people to compare these extremes to the judicial beheadings @Jack and others have served upon those who don't match their politics or who do not have the type of prestige that @jack seeks being himself close to. First of all, let us start with the basic compilation of death threats against me (and my staff) for attempting to educate people by telling them the truth (there is no greater sin). This abridged compilation by 2012. It forms part of the background of why I applied for and received asylum. Do you like the soundtrack?


I am proud of it. It is Flight of the Bumble Bees by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov slowed 9000x. Here it the original:


Is that cool or what? You have to have fun while compiling your death threats. Here's the extended version which includes some against WikiLeaks as a whole and Chelsea Manning too from memory:


Now for the more recent. Starting with Hillary Clinton's joke about droning yours truly which came out in 2016 (though we had heard about it years before:

Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman Robby Mooks responds to "Can't we just drone the guy [Assange]?" allegation

Here's Hillary Clinton herself responding; missing is "I would never condone killing the staff of any media":

Hillary Clinton, eyes downcast, stammering: If I talked about droning Julian Assange, "it would have been a joke."

she said it was a joke–a bit like her election campaign? It's certainly not good to threaten our staff or torture our alleged sources. Here's a fun poster from the Washington Times. Goes with the article "Assassinate Assange". A "?" added later:



It was no joke to the 40k Libyans she killed while Secretary of State in a bid to stamp her lunatic ticket:


Here's noted Obama hagiographer, Mike Gunwald then at TIME, now promoted to "Senior writer" at Politico. Quality sycophant


…these "journalists" love nothing more than to threaten to help assassinate me and my staff and my sources for telling the truth. They couldn't dream of our accuracy or independence. I have abiding contempt for their lack of standards and craven characters. Here's the NY based Mediaite which is owned by Dan Abrams a former ABC "journalist"; sister is an Obama judge:

The Case For Droning Julian Assange (Column by @LevineJonathan)

…the article is from June 6 this year. Notice how all the snowflakes were up in arms about this threat to kill someone for speaking. No?

#tolerantliberal Jesus some people still don't get it. What Julian Assange has no moral High Ground at all. He should be executed.


Assange is a mercenary who should be executed.

#tolerantliberal (and a master of geography)

Frankly, Assange should be killed, excecuted for putting people at risk with his stupid revelations. He will never be safe outside Peru!

#tolerantliberal (Tony Blair is his hero)

Julian Assange should die from a drone strike.

#tolerantliberal (and spy agency lovin')

Wikileaks and others are actively attacking our National Security Agency. This isn't "publishing" this is war. Assange must die.


julian assange is alive & well..threat to our national security, i will put it bluntly. KILL THAT BASTARD ASSANGE ALREADY, WTF WE WAITING 4

#tolerantliberal ("humanist" and a true friend of CIA illegality)

Assange is a Russian operative who should be force fed his own crap. Eat Shit and Die Julian – as a personal favor to the world.


Assange is a traitor and criminal. Should die in prison.


Kill Assange already 💀

#tolerantliberal ("lifelong journalist.. Reuters")

What a total twat! Assange should be dragged out of the embassy and drawn and quartered!


Kill Assange and his deputies. With prejudice. We have the right. They are enemy combatants. Enemies of America. Terminate them.


they need to hunt down an shoot assange. He's a dead man walking. But Fox Hannity love him


@BenjaminEHaas @DevlinBarrett will someone just shoot Assange in the face already


"OFFERS" Will somebody just shoot Assange in the head? PLZ?

#tolerantliberal (constitutional lawyer)

Shoot Assange. Dead Dead. !!!!

#tolerantliberal (Guantanmo Chief Prosecutor & CNN/MSNBC commentator)

Drone strike was a bad hypo. Substitute a 7.62 round on Assange's forehead instead. Would Art. 51 permit it assuming no collateral damage?


someone shoot assange. just put him down.

#tolerantliberal (@mrevanross)



Just kill Julian Assange. #Problemsolved

Just kill Julian Assange already. Somebody step up.


For the sake of U.S. national security, the terrorist Julian Assange must be killed just as surely as the terrorist Bin Laden was killed.

There's thousands more on killing me, our other people, maiming, bombing, kidnapping, imprisoning for trying to educate people. …what can I say? Liberals ain't liberal. They've fallen into bed with the worst elements of state hardpower & love censorship and death.

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