suw74isz7wqzpmgu.onion is unreachable via /r/WikiLeaks

suw74isz7wqzpmgu.onion is unreachable


So I got curious and threw caution to the win, disregarding the Snowden leak "Manhunting" which revealed that in February 2012 the NSA declared by its own inscrutable authority that all visitors to the website were under "foreign influence" and therefore lawful targets to get hit like a bullseye by NSA's full kitchen-sink of intercepts, hacks, implants and wonderful toys, you name it.

I also utterly ignored the other-other Snowden leak that revealed NSA's Legal Counsel's bullet point advice for targetting criteria of US citizens that shows under NSA's secret interpretation of its secret law that is beyond any FISA Judge's authority to know about it, that the NSA gave itself the power to record all encrypted traffic indefinitely. Well, not indefinitely, but only until the moment it is decrypted, when the NSA's usual honor system rules about not minimizing any American's PII, and "memorializing" it in "offline storage" for 10 years, and strewing complete transcripts of your personal phone calls, your iPhone GPS, your Map App use, your full iCloud photo archive, your bank card activity to corrupt lizard people in DC who work for the National Security Council or DNI or DIA or 15 other moled up Spy Agencies, so that they can't give your Patterns of Life data to NYT or BezPo reporters who are paid by your political enemies to wreck your life and discredit you.

Now given all that as background, I just wanted to see the webpage where the leaks go to Wikileaks. So I installed Tor (the hard way, compiled from source with dependencies as static binaries on Linux), and connected to that Wikileaks onion site.

It never loads! I know Tor is working because other onion sites load.


So how do leaks such as Vault7 even get to Assange sitting in his Embassy cell-bedroom if the damn onion site is under constant DDOS and other attacks from NSA?

Was Wikileaks fake this whole time and the website to submit leaks never worked and the real way leaks get published is by other means and motives entirely?

Doesn't that kind of deflate the wind out of the sail if Wikileaks is not "democratic" and accepting valid leaks from anyone, but instead you have to be some kind of Masterspy insider, already in The Game with your hands so bloody that you're probably compromised as a source for any Truth?

Why doesn't Assange ever come out on his balcony and say "hey NSA, stopping clogging my pipes so that whistleblowers can access my onion!"

The only way to make NSA stop DDOS'ing and monkey-wrenching the WL onion is to shame them in public about it to demand they honor American's citizens rights to protected Free Speech.

Submitted June 30, 2017 at 07:50PM by cpunk
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