A Google Tale via /r/WikiLeaks

A Google Tale

Developing the theme of this book: http://bit.ly/1tsyauL

(I haven't done nearly enough work to back up the narrative comments. I'm going to make them anyway.)

the eric schmidt plan for Hillary's campaign: http://bit.ly/2ulXco2

the google plan to propagandize the opposition: http://bit.ly/2t28D0q

a mad propagandist appears … to make use of google's data: http://bit.ly/2ulk5YP

and there is reach-out! http://bit.ly/2t210al (does anyone have the emailid of podesta's reply quoted in the article? "Know him pretty well. Agree and will reach out. Thanks.")

now an ethicaly disturbing use for a top end data guy who can keep his mouth shut: http://bit.ly/2emHY6n

(him, from the washington examiner in the e-mail) http://washex.am/2t2gzPb

the google plan to interfere with the election results: http://tcrn.ch/2ulsStJ










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