Trouble with Seymour Hersh on Seth Rich via /r/WikiLeaks

Trouble with Seymour Hersh on Seth Rich

That article is from the same outfit that broke the recording two days ago. It indicates that Seymour Hersh is backing away from the story. He refused to answer the question about the authenticity of the recording.

The site's story selection bias is pretty evident. That doesn't mean that what it prints is false but it does mean that it is likely to provide an incomplete picture of events. (Same claim that is made against WikiLeaks.)

That article flowed through r/conspiracy/new yesterday. Seymour Hersh's big stories are familiar to me but I know nothing about him otherwise, so I was watching for whatever came by.

At this point I'd call the story a false alarm (Sy speculating off the cuff, someone puffing it up for clicks) except for one thing: WikiLeaks' Twitter re-tweeted it.

If it turns out that WikiLeaks re-tweeted a story that they knew to be false–ie, if nobody ever made the offer described in the recording–then they will have an awful lot of explaining to do.

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