Helping Understand Bolivia via /r/WikiLeaks

Helping Understand Bolivia

Helping understand Bolivia:

Hello comrades/all, I'm part of a lefty organisation in the UK and along with fellow user (u/RevolutionaryGuide2), we're chairing a meeting on Bolivia and the current situation.

We're looking for any and all information you can give; whether you're a Bolivian citizen, on the ground, or have sources/information on the topic, it would be really appreciated. Likewise if you have any information on what the government is doing to protesters, that would be great.

If there is anyone on the ground involved in Left/resistance/indigenous organisations, or journalism within the region, we'd also like to communicate with you directly, to have your expertise on the matter.

Any and all help is welcome.

Solidarity, u/AtomCollection

Submitted February 13, 2020 at 05:20AM by AtomCollection
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